Orlando Jones
Orlando Jones
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About Orlando Jones
Raised in South Carolina, Jones discovered acting when he was cast in a school play while attending the College of Charleston. Aiming to make it in show business one way or another, Jones also formed Homeboy's Productions and Advertising while in college. Jones got his break, however, when a Hollywood visitor in Charleston saw him perform and signed him up, leading to a writing job on the Cosby Show spin-off A Different World. Jones then wrote for the sitcom Roc in 1991 and became a producer on The Sinbad Show in 1993.

Jones finally got to act as well as write when he was cast in Fox's sketch comedy show Mad TV in 1995. After two seasons, Jones left the series and moved to films with a small part in Seinfeld co-creator Larry_David's first feature Sour_Grapes (1998). Jones managed to work consistently in movies from then on, with bit parts in Mike_Judge's comedy Office_Space (1999) and Paul_Thomas_Anderson's Magnolia (1999), as well as a starring role in Barry_Levinson's praised but little-seen nostalgia piece Liberty_Heights (1999). In 2000, Jones made his mark in TV advertising as the humorously incompetent advocate for 7-Up, enhancing his potential as a comic draw. Jones' lead role as one of the hapless scabs in The_Replacements (2000) and a multi-character turn in Harold_Ramis' version of Bedazzled (2000) further revealed his goofy versatility. After his action-comedy vehicle Double_Take was a January 2001 washout, Jones was poised to team with Ivan_Reitman for the latter's summer 2001 sci-fi comedy Evolution.

Jones is also known as 7-Up's pitch man in early 2002. Jones was also in the 2002 film Drumline alongside Nick Cannon and Zoe Saldana.