Felipe Esparza
Felipe Esparza
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About Felipe Esparza
2010 Last Comic Standing Winner!!!!!Felipe Esparza is a comedian and actor, best known for his raw, real-life comedythat audiences everywhere can relate to. With his signature wild hair, and his oftenimitatedphrase, “what’s up, fool?”, he has been associated with his friend GabrielIglesias, who often recounts (and imitates) his experiences with Felipe in his act.After 17 years of stand-up comedy, various television appearances and two movies,Felipe walked away with the title prize on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” in 2010. In2012, Felipe produced and released his first one-hour stand-up special, “They’re NotGonna Laugh at You”, for Showtime. It is currently available on DVD and Netflix. In2014, Felipe launched a podcast entitled, “What’s Up Fool?” podcast on the AllThings Comedy network started by Bill Burr and Al Madrigal. In its first week, itentered the top 15 comedy podcasts and the top 70 podcasts in all categories. Itquickly became a fan favorite with a strong, loyal following. It is available on iTunes,Stitcher and SoundCloud.Felipe is a product of the streets of Boyle Heights/East L.A. and much of his materialis the result of trying to find the humor in the struggles of everyday life. “Over theyears I’ve noticed so many changes in the neighborhoods around me. Gentrificationstarts to happen and ‘bad’ neighborhoods start to become ‘good’. But I like to showthe other side of it… the guy who hasn’t changed and probably never will. I have ajoke that kind of shows that… “I know I’m not a tough guy, but I’m pretty sure Icould beat up everyone who shops at Trader Joe’s. But at Food 4 Less, I shut the hellup.”Felipe’s other television appearances include a national Honda campaign, a nationalTarget commercial, The Eric Andre Show, regular segments on TruTV’s “World’sDumbest…”, “The Arsenio Hall Show”, “Comics Unleashed”, Comedy Central’s“Premium Blend”, and “Russell Simmons Presents: Stand-Up at the El Rey”,Showtime’s “Comics Without Borders”, TBS’s “Lopez Tonight”, and Galavision’s firstEnglish-speaking show, a stand-up comedy show called “Que Locos” (which spurredthe careers of both George Lopez and Gabriel Iglesias). Felipe is currently touringcomedy clubs and theaters across the country and is working on his next our standupspecial.
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