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Made In N.Y.
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About Made In N.Y.
"What part of New York are you from?"
We hear this all the time. Funny, smart, transplanted New Yorkers are all over this great nation, and Florida is no exception. Being so far from home, we love to be around other New Yorkers, because then we get to eat, talk too loud and laugh. The filters are off. It's like we're in a foxhole and once we find each other, we commiserate. We understand each other and can communication with just a look or a nod or a Hey!
You from Jersey? Close enough.
Find out what separates New York born and raised comedians from the rest of the nation, and world. Hosted by Mary Tischbein, from Floral Park, NY. Mary looks innocent enough, she might even remind you of someone you know, like your cousin or that gal from work, if that gal has an incredibly twisted view of life. Mary grew up in New York, in a big Catholic family. Life was full of good things: food, movies and music, all served with a side of guilt.Featuring: Richie Weissinger, originally from Webster, NY. Yes, it’s upstate, but it still counts. Richie has been taking Central Florida by storm, hitting every stage he can and producing ridiculously funny videos. He will go viral yet!Headliner Catherine Maloney, from Rockaway, NY, is a rising star in the region and will hit you hard with her brash, bold and unapologetic take on life. Also featuring Akeem Woods. Catherine seems like a typical hard working mom -- except this mom sees teachable moments in the show Snapped, has won the "Biggest Jerk" Comedy Contest and entertains in clubs and colleges around the country with her sharp stand-up comedy. Catherine finds sarcastic humor in everyday topics like financial struggles, raising children, relationships -- both hers and yours. Anyone in the crowd is fair game, and she enjoys interacting with each audience to create hilarious, unscripted moments along the way. Join them for an unparalleled night of comedy, surprises and unfiltered goodness.