Carmen Vallone Presents...The Young Gunz
Carmen Vallone Presents...The Young Gunz
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About Carmen Vallone Presents...The Young Gunz
Rauce Padgett-You like personality? because Rauce Padgett is out there...real out there. With an improv background and the charisma that matches the Pink Panther, he has traveled all over North America with a two man show (The Bro Show) and acted in short movies (One Night in an Alley). One night he found himself wanting to entertain and be lonely at the same time. Cue stand up comedy. Titles include two years running "Florida's Funniest" semi finalist, back to back "Clash of the Comics" finalist, and winner of several plush toys via claw machines. He is sure to make you laugh and think, "Is this happening right now?" The answer? Yes
Tommy O'Neill-Tommy O'Neill is a high energy in your face comic with act outs and sound effects that help illuminate his life and experiences on stage. With his warm nurturing chaotic decorum, Tommy makes audiences feel right at home with a powerful sense of comfort and control over the room. Tommy has been actively performing on stage since he was a child with playing live music, acting in independent films, and performing in live stage productions. He is now a nationally touring Comedian that performs 8-9 times a week and has opened up for such acts as Doug Stanhope, Josh Blue, Poblo Francisco, and many more! Tommy has also been featured on the Dish-network TV.
Mike Charette-While attending college in Orlando, FL, Mike Charette was in coffee shops, comedy clubs, and just about anywhere there was an audience including, on one occasion, a Waffle House all to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. Charette advanced to the semi finals of Florida's Funniest Comedian (2012). He has also opened for various professional comedians such as Bo Burnham, Pablo Fransisco, and Taylor Williamson.
Justin Lawson-Justin Lawson been making people laugh for as long as he can remember, but made his first appearance on stage at the age 21. This high energy, animated, storytelling comedian from Memphis is somebody you don't wanna miss. Bringing you laughter from everyday situation.
Won multiple comedy competition, semi-finalists in Florida's Funniest, seen at Orlando Improv, Tampa Improv, Seattle Underground comedy club, Harvey's comedy club,etc. Open up for headliners like Pedro Lima, Carmen Vallone, Ken Miller & James Yon.
Kirk Bonacci-Kirk Bonacci has been performing improv and stand up comedy for almost a decade. He's performed in various clubs and universities as well as in Las Vegas and at The Comedy Store in LA. He's spent a year in Madrid, Spain filming for Disney Channel's "The Avatars" as well has staring in the film "In The Box." His silly observations has made him a strong young comic in today's old world.
Produced by Carmen Vallone-When spoken aloud, Carmen Vallone's name resonates as majestically as trumpets blown by the highest choir of angels in the kingdom of heaven. Don't worry though, his ticket price usually isn't any higher than about twelve bucks. With his enthusiastic smile, and happily twisted vision of everyday life, Carmen guides you through a night of entertainment as he talks about being from Upstate New York, living in Florida, and what life is like on the road. Never one to attack the audience, Carmen makes you feel right at home, and you'll never be scared to sit in the front row.
In his seven years of comedy, Carmen has been so many places and performed on so many stages, you might think he has been doing comedy for eight years. He has been night clubbing with Bob Saget, he has drank champagne with Joan Rivers, and he went to a BBQ with Jim Carrey. You might have seen Carmen on NBC's Last Comic Standing, CBS's Comedy Night School, or Jamie Kennedy's "Heckler" movie, but probably not. In addition to being a hilarious stand-up comedian, Carmen is also the host and producer of "A Joke Off ! ! !™". A nationally touring comedy competition, currently in development for national TV.