Comedy for Ugly People
Comedy for Ugly People
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About Comedy for Ugly People
CHRIS BUCKA bitter cynical curmudgeon born and raised in the American South, Chris Buck, revels in hollow trophy anecdotes like most everyone. He has a key to a city, once taught Shania Twain to Lindy Hop, claims the 215th highest Donkey Kong score in the world, and the original bassist from Lynyrd Skynyrd owes him $30. As far as stand-up, Buck takes a philosophical approach harnessing humor from satirical elements charged with poignant sociopolitical commentary, of course no one gives a shit about that anymore so instead he eats Arby's before shows then talks about farts. MARCUS CRESPOPro-wrestling enthusiast turned mall security officer turned comedian, Marcus Crespo, travels the country chronicling his adventures tackling life and occasionally people. Lovable and intense, cuddly yet pugilistic. Marcus's visceral point of view has audiences consumed with questions to which only he has the answers. Questions like, “How are you still alive?” or “Who the hell is Bravo 5?” – See Marcus him live in person, and you'll find out why some say, "Crespo Is The Besto!”

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