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About Cigar City Comedy
Joe Riga with deadpan optimism and off-the-cuff wit, comedian Joe Riga entertains audiences with a view of life as a regular, hard-working American—If that American obsessed over drinking tap water, dogs, and growing up in the 90’s. His critical eye hits familiar topics such as hard work and relationships, but often turns inward, saving the harshest assessments for the comedian himself. His easy going lifestyle engages crowds while establishing a self-aware accessible persona that turns everyday struggles into intelligent humor.
Matt Fernandez's approach to comedy comes off as detached and nonchalant. Originally from Tampa, Matt has won multiple competitions with his whimsically droll style and performed with some of the biggest names in comedy (April Macie, Sean Patton, Eddie Ifft, Josh Wolf, and Jim Jefferies to name a few). He's been featured on Sirius XM Radio and He writes comedy articles for, and was named one of the fifteen funniest comedians you should be following on twitter by He was also one of seven finalists chosen out of over 200 comedians in Improv's 2012 'Florida's Funniest Comedian' competition.
Born in South Korea and raised in South Jersey, Mona Chiarizio is a unique mixture of girl-next-door and WTF?! Her comedic style combines a healthy dose of sarcasm and a hint of pop culture that resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
Mona was invited to perform in the prestigious 2014 Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, has participated in the World Series of Comedy (Chicago), and has been a two time Florida's Funniest semifinalist.
A Tampa based comedian, JB Ballsupplies an analytical eye into the ridiculousness that is "Us". A storyteller, JB finds ways to find the hilarity in what most would consider painful experiences. His "Big Brother" like style naturally leaves audiences going "I can't believe I never noticed that.
You're so right! I never look at that the same way again."
David Weingarten stumbled upon comedy a few years ago, to prove to his co-workers that he wasn’t a secret serial killer. Let’s face it, being the creepy IT guy at the office is about as charming to the ladies as winning a Magic the Gathering tournament. Comedy seems to make him more likeable – he hopes – and at the very least, it keeps him on the stage at a bar and away from unsuspecting female patrons. Have him tell you about the riveting decade he spent in Cleveland, Ohio, before moving back to his home state of sunny Florida. Ask him about his male pattern baldness (or just peek under his hat). See if he’ll recite his Torah portion for you. But nudge him to do a “funny voice” at a party and you will be mercilessly bashed on Twitter. Make no mistake, he does some awesome funny (and offensively ethnic) voices, but you don’t get to decide when. David is an active member of Cigar City Comedy group (, which features central Florida's premier stand-up comics.