James Ponce
James Ponce
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About James Ponce
“Oh, you think you’re a comedian?” the sarcastic phrase heard by many smart aleck kids from a disgruntled parent and James was no different expect in answering, “I hope so!” Pablo and Janie had no idea how much of an impact that question, even though in Spanish, would make on the youngest and only son.
Both of James’ parents like to take individual credit for his career choice but if wasn’t for the two of them meeting as Mexican migrant workers, having numerous failed and successful businesses, moving from a bad San Antonio, TX neighborhood… to good one…then back to a worse neighborhood cyclically, then he’d probably be in an office somewhere. Never the class clown type but rather the reclusive shy kid It was no surprise he quit high school to pursue his dream…of finding a dream.
At 17 he was running his own business buying and selling cars (a skill-set pushed by his dad) which bought him plenty of time to play in numerous bands playing guitar and piano (a skill-set pushed by his mom). Still not content and worn from chasing money, his love of standup comedy led him to a comedy workshop in San Antonio and after the first showcase show he was too intoxicated with the crowd’s laughter to go back to anything else.
Wanting to further his skills and branch out he was accepted into the invitation only Comedy/Production/Writing program at Humber University in Toronto. As soon as he returned home to Texas he produced and wrote a web show that was picked up by FOX as he continued meeting, friending, and opening for some of his favorite comedians like; Russell Peters, Arj barker, Brian Pohsen, Jim Jefferies, J.B. Smoove, Paul Rodriguez and Bill Burr. You can currently find him opening for Jo Koy on the ‘Lights Out Tour’ or a small coffee shop open mic still loving the pain of it all.What people call strife, James calls ‘good times’ and being able to turn bad to good, then laugh at it is his own skill set