Forrest Shaw

Forrest Shaw


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About Forrest Shaw

Forrest Shaw is not fond of stupid people. Lucky for him there is stand-up comedy, the perfect way to vent his frustrations while also sharing his own faults and failures with the audience. Opening up about his gambling addiction, struggles with health, and his life growing up in Miami raised as an only child by his single hippie mother, Forrest delivers his stand-up with an intriguingly unique perspective on life. He became a comic after a decade of life as a marine biologist. Saving manatees and counting seagrass by day, at night, he dedicated himself to comedy, quickly working his way into regular club work and eventually having to retire from his career as a biologist. Forrest Shaw is a sharp, cynical critic of our shortcomings as a species, and points out these observations with precision in his hard-hitting, quick-witted act.

He was in the 2012 Boston Comedy Festival, the 2012/2011/2010 Comedy Central South Beach Comedy Festival, the 2011 Laugh Detroit festival, the 2010 New York Underground Comedy Festival, the 2010 World Series of Comedy, Sleepless Night 2009, and the Comedy Central Open Mic Fight. Forrest is a co-writer (and actor) of the web series Labor Days ( He is also a member of The All Organic Comedy Tour and the 420 Comedy Tour. He can be heard on Sirius/XM Satellite radio. Forrest has appeared on Animal Planet and was featured in a commercial for the Florida Marlins. You may recognize his voice from several television and radio ads.