Luis de Alba: Comedia en Español

Luis de Alba: Comedia en Español


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About Luis de Alba: Comedia en Español

This show is a Special Engagement. No passes or discounts will be accepted.

*This show is entirely in Spanish*

Luis de Alba is regarded as one of the most iconic Mexican comedians in the country’s history. For over 60 years, Luis has taken the entertainment world by storm as a comedian, actor, television/radio personality, writer, singer, and more. Luis is an international star who has performed all throughout the United States and Latin America. His passion for performing is unlike any other. Luis feeds off of his beloved crowds, and the shows he puts on for his fans are a unique experience for any one in attendance as it includes, standup comedy, theatrics, music, poetry, parodies, crowd interaction, and more.

Luis de Alba got his start in entertainment at the young age of 11, as he appeared in his first film, “El Camino de la Vida.” After making his debut, he would also appear on a television show 2 years later, and in 1978, he was offered his own television show. “El Mundo de Luis de Alba,” was Luis de Alba’s famous television show in which he portrayed an array of characters that would go on to make him one of the biggest comedians in Mexico. These characters include: El Pirruris, Juan Camaney, Hermano Sol, El Raton Crispin, El Indio Maclovio, Juan Penas, and many more. After launching his show, Luis would go on to star in hundred of movies with other Mexican legends such as: Alfonso Zayas, Teto El Monaguillo, Doña Lencha, El Tun Tun, Rafael Inclan, El Costeño, and more. Some of Luis’ most popular films include Los Verduleros, El Dia de los Albañiles, Las Travesuras de Super Chido, El Rey de Las Taxistas, Los Pelotones y Juan Camaney, and many more. He’s also made appearances on every major television network, such as: Televisa, Galavision, Univision, Estrella TV, and more.

Luis de Alba has solidified his status as a superstar. He continues to perform live and make appearances on major television programs/networks as he wants to seal his legacy as the best to ever do it. In April of 2016, together with fellow comedian Richard Villa, Luis de Alba became the first comedian to perform an entire weekend in Spanish in the history of the Improv. This spectacle did wonders for his career as it made him and Richard pioneers for Spanish comedy in the mainstream comedy scene here in the United States. This debut show in Ontario sold out all 6 shows, bringing in over 2,000+ people to the club and leaving many unable to purchase tickets. Luis followed up this performance by also breaking barriers at the San Jose Improv, Oxnard Levity Live, and Stand Up Live Phoenix where he also sold in record breaking fashion and was the first to do Spanish comedy in each location. Now that the doors to Spanish Comedy are open at the Improvs, a new opportunity is upon us.

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