Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond


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About Dustin Diamond

Dustin diamond is an actor who has hit most screens in the recent past. Known mostly to starring Saved by The Bells, he is a rising star who nothing can bring down. But who is he by the way?

Dustin Neil Diamond was born on 7th January 1977 in San Jose, California. He is the son to Mark Diamond who is an actor. There is no much that is known of his early life and education but it is believed that he is a learned person. Being that he is eminent in acting industry, there are some facts that made his fame spread like a bush fire on a windy day.

His career
Diamond really took after his father who is and actor. He always wanted to do this. It was what he dreamt for. He is known mostly because he starred a memorable role to date; that of Samuel Power in a television show ‘Saved by the bell’. He played this role for almost thirteen years since it began. Initially, this show was known as Good morning. It was later changed to Miss Bliss until it was lastly named Saved by the Bell. He played the role so well that he continued the role in the college series where it went by the name, Saved by the Bell: The college years. Other than appearing on this show, he also appeared in number of games and some reality shows. Some of the reality shows that he appeared in are The Weakest Link, Celebrity Boxing 2 and Professional Wrestling. He has also appeared in films like Dickie Roberts: Former Child star in 2003.

Other achievements
Dustin has performed a stand up comedy for several years. He has a stage humor which most comedians don’t have. He also commentates on truTV’s, The Smoking Gun Presents: World’s Dumbest… He also played bass in progressive math rock. Diamond signed a deal with Gotham books. He was to write a tell-all book about the “Sexual escapades among cast members.He has also written a book by the name Behind the Bell. This is a book which he intends to convey a message on how he felt as a young actor and the challenges he met which till to date hurts his life at home and in the future.